Pizza In Progress

Hello Everyone,

As we continue to grow as a company and as we start to close in on our worldwide launch we want to kick off a couple new community initiatives this month! First up, we’ll be doing a Reddit AMA style series where we take player’s questions and answer as many of them as possible. We’re rolling out a new Discord channel #ask_a_pizza that will be available during specific times prior to each AMA to collect the potential questions we’ll cover. If you’re not already signed up; join the Pizza Club Games Discord to find out more:



In addition to our AMA Series, we plan to launch a new type of post at least quarterly that will be our Dev Road Ahead. We’ll use this to share what our upcoming feature roadmap looks like and some of the things coming in our next couple releases. Things like our initial design thoughts and goals for PvP v1, anticipated iOS and World Wide launch, etc.

We are incredibly thankful and appreciative of our player community for their wonderful feedback and support. 

Thanks on behalf of the entire Raid Boss team!
-Pizza Shawn


P.S. On the topic of Pizza, shout out to the Bay Area made Every Night Is Pizza Night a great read for anyone with younger children in their lives!

Every Night Is Pizza Night

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