Raid Boss the Road Ahead 5/2021

Hey Everybody,

As we push ahead towards our Worldwide Launch we wanted to share a bit more about what the next few releases look like for Raid Boss! If you want to check out some answers to specific Community questions, read our recently released “Ask A Pizza” series.

Today I’m going to give a high level look at some features from our upcoming releases and then dive in a bit more to each one. 

Arena (PVP)

We’re really excited to roll out our first PvP (called the Arena) systems with our upcoming release (which should be dropping sometime next week). For the first iteration to Arena we’ve focused on an asynchronous style of combat.

Players bring 5 Guild Members to battle and select their opponent. They then choose a Tactic (a special layout denoting where the Guild Members will stand on the battlefield) to go against their opponents Squad and Tactic. Once in combat, players will not directly move Guildies but will have access to all of the Leader Abilities. Leader Abilities are cast using Mana points that build over time and are shared across your whole Squad.

Every win moves you up the Arena Leaderboard and there are daily rewards sent based on your highest rank earned that day. There are 3 free Arena battles each day and players can purchase additional attempts for a small amount of Gems. Daily rewards can be used in a new Arena Shop.

We can’t wait to get this in our player’s hands and get feedback.

Arena Customization/Strategy

After the base Arena system drops we’ll be following up shortly after with another level of customization and strategy for Squad building. We will give players some options to customize their Guildies with some class based upgrades and specializations for even more strategic Arena combat! Want your Zappy to be more durable in battle or perhaps you want even more damage? Well, this is the system for you. More on this soon!

Weapon Quests 2.0

The current Weapon Quest system becomes too tedious with too much repetition in fights as you work on your gear tier levels in the mid to elder game. We want to work on the way players engage with and repeat Weapon Quests and weapon upgrade paths so that players aren’t forced to run the same fight over and over when they have demonstrated they can beat it. We are investigating if we can do something cooler with Weapon Quests as a system or at a minimum greatly improve the quality of life when using the current system with multiple Guild Members.

More Worlds, Guild Members and Raids!

In addition to all the features we have listed above, we also plan to add content to the end game in the form of a World 8 dungeon with a new set of Boss fights; additional Guild Member releases and a new Alliance Raid!

iOS Launch

We’ve been working on the iOS version of the game in parallel with Android so we’re in a pretty good position to bring iOS out as we get closer to our Worldwide launch.

Worldwide Launch

Like a lot of titles in Early Access, we’ve been using this extra time to try and find a good balance of feature development and polish and optimization. We’ve set some targets for ourselves that we want to clear before we do our big global launch. Thank you to all our Early Access players who have been giving us great feedback and usage data to help us make the best possible product!

Community Inspired Features and Bug Fixes

We appreciate all of our player feedback and have been trying to free up more and more dev cycles to tackle the top issues reported. Below are some of the bigger improvements we’ve made recently that are direct responses to player feedback. If you’d like to help us shape the future of Raid Boss sign up for our Discord or our Forums.


  • Players can now choose to turn off the AI using Leader Abilities when letting the game auto play (1x, 2x or 4x).
  • Players can now purchase Alliance Raid Guild Member bundles that will gift a small amount of shards for specific Alliance Raid Guild Members to all Alliance members. These will allow Alliances to push for harder raid difficulties and push farther in the Raids they are doing now.
  • AI autoplay improvements for self AOE characters Leader Ability usage


Thanks on behalf of the entire team and thanks for playing Raid Boss!

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