Design Fireside: PVP Arena

Hey everybody,

We’re taking a little time while we wind down on our next release to get some design thoughts on PVP Arena and where we see it heading in the near future.  Taking some time out of their busy schedules to share some of their insights are PizzaJermaine and PizzaBenjamin.  Throughout the interview we’ve also added in some stats and data from PVP Arena courtesy of PizzaJohn!


(Total battles through end of day 5/24).

What are your initial reactions to what you’re seeing now that PVP Arena is in our players’ hands?

PizzaBenjamin: Really pleased with how the community has accepted PvP so far. It’s always a challenge to implement a new feature with its own mechanics, and especially so when we spin it up over the course of just one release. Excited to see more and more feedback and data come in so we can start the next round of tuning.

PizzaJermaine: I’m just relieved that the players like it honestly. I’m keeping a close eye on the team comps, and when people start getting their Queen of Diamonds to a good state, how that starts to affect the meta.

What guild members have surprised you both in their high usage and low usage?

PizzaBenjamin: Kirito for high usage, for sure. Really happy to see some use out of him. Low usage is really hard to judge so far. Our metrics show us team comps, but not individual character usage (yet).

PizzaJermaine: High usage I’m not really surprised, but as far as low usage I expected to see a bit more Pink Lady and Garbage Deeps. I think they have some solid abilities that help you beat some tough team comps.



What things can you share about things we may see in the near future for PVP Arena tuning and updates?

PizzaBenjamin: Biggest upcoming feature related to PvP will be Powerstones. These are equippable items that increase power for specific stats. A system like this is necessary for PvP so that equivalently leveled Guildies aren’t exactly the same as their opponents. Looking forward to seeing how the players end up modifying their Guildies to dominate in PvP.  [Ed. note – this is at least 2 releases away]

PizzaJermaine: Main thing from me is going to be more tools to deal with survivability squads. We’re considering some systemic options, but I have some thoughts on additions to some Guildie kits that haven’t fully sorted out yet.

Breakdown of PVP Arena highest rank by account level

What comps and formations are your go-tos in this early phase of PVP Arena?

PizzaBenjamin: I’m a cheese-master. I take two tanks, two healers, and SpicyMeatball. One-shot the healer first (make sure you can get in range), then continue through the rest of the opposition.

PizzaJermaine: I take Sledgehammer formation with Lily, Uther, Deeps, Jaina and Foxy, but I’ll switch out characters based on who I’m facing. If I see a foxy, ill drop Jaina for someone less CC focused for example.

Thanks, any closing thoughts you want to share?

PizzaBenjamin: As always, it’s a dream to work on Raid Boss considering how amazing our fans are. It’s really refreshing to have so much thoughtful and encouraging feedback so we can keep making the game that YOU want to play.

PizzaJermaine: I would just say stay tuned, as we have tons of thoughts and ideas about PVP, and you can expect to see it develop over time.

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