Raid Boss the Road Ahead 7/2021

Hey Pizzas,

This month we’re switching it up slightly with the Road Ahead coming before the latest “Ask A Pizza” series. Do in large part to the excellent amount and depth of questions being asked this round! Some additional details for some of the points below will be featured in that update toward the end of next week!

Here’s a look at some of the bigger beats of our next few releases and some good news for those of you waiting to play on iOS devices!

Arena Updates

We’re putting the finishing touches on our first major addition to the Arena system, this includes making some changes to the early Arena balancing to reduce the number of ties, as well as prevent players/AI from just spamming the same abilities over and over.

With the next update there is a new system to encourage using a wider range of Leader Abilities (LA) in the arena, each time you use an LA it will decrease the cost of other LAs by 1 and increase the cost of the one you used by 1 (up to +/- 2 max change). In addition, the AI has been updated to have a little more variance in what skills they use with these system changes!


We’re launching a new upgrade system called Powerstones to customize your Guildies for Campaign and Arena!

Each Guildie will have two Powerstones boards that allow you to slot in specific Powerstone shapes. Each board has different Powerstone gem shapes allowing players to further customize how they build their Guildies up!

Powerstones can be earned through two brand new campaigns (more on those below). Each Powerstone boosts specific Guildie stats. Additional stat boosts can be unlocked by tiering up the Powerstone. 

Tiering up Powerstones requires multiple Powerstones of that rarity as well as crafting materials earned through the new campaigns. At launch we will have 2 tiers available out of the current maximum of 5.


New Powerstone Campaigns

Powerstones are earned through 2 new campaigns called House Magicae and House Physicus. Each new campaign requires you to use a subset of your roster for additional challenge as you lead your Magical and Physical Guildies through 3 worlds of all new dungeons and mini Raid Boss fights!


Weapon Quests 2.0 Update

We spoke about this in the last update and wanted to share that the design for these changes are wrapping up and we’re starting development on these systems in the next release! The biggest news to share is that once you’ve cleared a Weapon Quest you won’t have to manually replay it each time you need that weapon tier!

Next Epic Guildie Coming Soon!

Our 2nd Epic Guildie will be here soon! We’re updating the unlock event based off the feedback from the Queen’s Bet event so more players will be able to earn them sooner (but at a lower star level). We’ll be sharing more information about this new Epic Guild Member throughout July and they will be released in the 0.4.7 update!

More End Game Content On The Way!

We see more and more Alliances are getting past the EX Raid (congratulations everyone!) and we’ve been wrapping up the early design work on the next Alliance Raid. This one will take a few releases to get in but it’s on the horizon for all our end game players looking for more challenging content!

World 8 and More!

In addition to this new Alliance Raid, we’ll be dropping World 8 and some new gear tier levels so there will be plenty of new content for our end game players to play through. We’ll also be adding more content to the House Magicae and House Physicus campaigns with additional Powestone tiers opening up.

Roster Screen UI Update

As we continue to work through more of our UI screens and systems we recognize that one of the most important screens in the game is the Roster screen. There are some key systems that are driven from the Roster screen (like Tiering up Gear) and we want to improve the usability of this screen. This one will be a fairly massive undertaking but we’re pretty excited about getting a chance to improve how players interact with their Guild Members!

Tavern Book / Alternative Progression Systems

While we do expect the Powerstone system and the associated campaigns will provide some alternate progression for our mid game players, we still want to do more to improve the Mid to Elder game experience. We’ve tentatively been referring to this system as the Tavern Book internally and it’s also slated to drop within the next few releases. The idea would be that this is a place where alternate progression systems live.

Update on iOS Availability and Worldwide Launch

After we get the elements above in, we’ll be shifting focus over to wrapping up the iOS version of the game and preparing the game for a worldwide launch. Dates are always subject to change but based off the last release and our planning for the items above, we’re looking good for a Fall 2021 release on the App Store! We’ll likely bring the game out in a limited amount of territories for some technical checks on iOS before expanding to a full worldwide release on iPhone and Android later in 2021!

Community Corner

We’re forever grateful for all the player contributions in our Discord and the Forums. If you haven’t already, please check out the spotlight on our awesome mods Trogburn and Kuratha.

We’ve got some fun things planned for later this summer to get even more Community involvement in some of our upcoming features. We’ll also be doing some giveaways in the Discord and on our Social Media accounts.

Below are some of the bigger improvements we’ve made recently that are direct responses to player feedback. Keep the feedback coming everybody.

  • Arena gameplay changes called out above
  • Reduced Expedition times from 12h down to 11h30m to allow a bigger grace period for players trying to get 2 a day in.
  • Removing the hard cap on the number of times the Energy/Gem bundle could be purchased.

Thanks on behalf of the entire team and thanks for playing Raid Boss!

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