Ask A Pizza – March 2022

Hey Pizzas!

We’re back with another edition of “Ask A Pizza” where we answer top questions from our community Discord channel!

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Various Raid Boss Twitch Streams from 2-2022

Are there any plans to do a promotional push to increase the player base?

Are there plans to do another Twitch / Youtube / Streamer promotion in the future?

PizzaShawn – These questions were asked before the Show Some Love influencer campaign and event had kicked off. Along with some more ad campaigns to try and get more players in, especially on iOS where we just started advertising.

In terms of future content creator collaborations we are looking into the Show Some Love event initial performance and we’ll make some decisions based on how effective that campaign performs.

Any new game modes on the horizon? Dungeons designed specifically for testing the limits of our ability to solo/duo/trio?

PizzaShawn- There are some new combat events coming that will be adding some new wrinkles to combat and we hope to do more of these in the next few releases.

PizzaJermaine- This release (1.0.8) we have a new set of quests with a slight twist on the dungeon formula. Similar to how the powerstones campaign battles are different. You’ll be allowed 3 single unit teams, and you’re limited to specific faction members, so it should be fun in how you put things together. 

Any more fun ideas for alliance collaboration coming up, like changes to altars (additional reward selections, etc.) or alliance lending systems (lend a guildie to younger members)?

PizzaShawn- We’re always adding onto our backlog of possible ideas for future updates but there is currently nothing in the immediate future to add anything major here.   

Any new alliance raids planned for after Doom Spiral? What kind of timing if so?

PizzaShawn- As mentioned above, we are definitely keeping a backlog of ideas for Live Ops and we know the Alliance Raids are very popular endgame content so we will take a look at how players are doing with Doom Spiral EX when it comes out and make some plans.

PizzaJermaine- We’ve also got some new Alliance Raids coming after Doom Spiral EX. This will be a newer smaller format, so it should shake up how your alliance coordinates a bit.

Any idea on timing for Alliance vs Alliance and can you give us any insight into what it might look like?

PizzaJermaine- We’re still in the brainstorming phase for that, so timing is undetermined. I know I want to see something where you have to be strategic in who you put where, and I’d like to see wearable abilities as well. Similar to the raid ability when you fight slag paladin.

Fun Questions

You have a 30 second elevator ride to pitch Raid Boss’ first TV commercial. What’s yours? Quick, go!

[SG] Assemble your guildies and take out MMO style Raid Bosses in real time combat. Power up your squad and learn the boss phases or die in the red zone!

[Benja] A darkened room. The walls bathed from the lights of a computer monitor. The camera zooms in to show the back of a person sitting at the computer playing an amazing game! They cheer! They rage! The camera zooms through them and Raid Boss is now full screen! The GLORY! THE INTENSITY! The Gedran.

To each pizza; If you were in charge of designing the next guildie, which video game character would you choose to be their inspiration?

[SG] Now that Bard is in, we can make some more music based characters. A break dance attacking, boombox carrying, street fighting guildie definitely wouldn’t crush Todd’s animation time right?

[Benja] A stoic, emo kid wielding a gunblade.

[Divo] Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn

[Jermaine] I am in charge of designing the next Guildie 😉

What is your favorite game to watch played on Twitch / any streaming platform?

[Divo] If I watch a stream for a specific game, it will be for a game I am currently playing, so I tend towards streams that are going to be helpful for new players. But just my usual streams are going to be the people I enjoy chatting with. I watch streamers for the person, not so much the game.

[Benja] Anything from Games Done Quick.

[John] I watch a lot of casted RTS games such as Age of Empires and Supreme Commander.

[Jermaine] Haven’t had the time to watch much lately, but I used to watch a ton of dragonball fighter Z

What are your favorite things about other mobile games that you’d like to see for Raid Boss?

[SG] Character rating system with player votes, so players could get a sense of value by game mode and have a sort of in game “Tier List” or way to understand “value” easier.

[Benja] More Alliance features. Alliances could set up their own Raid Maps, collect the monsters that show up there, unlock different Raid Bosses to use, then enemy Alliances would try to defeat their Raid Map.

[Jermaine] Alliance vs Alliance anything

Who is your favorite pokemon?

[Benja] OG Mew using R/B/Y bridge glitch.

[Rach] Pichu from Pokemon Arceus, with the shortest RNG stats, it is SO CUTE

[Jermaine] Zapdos all day, then it’s a toss up between Gengar and Cofagrigus

[John] Skarmory, my introduction to the wonder that is Steel types

Are there plans to add any new factions? The tavern book looks like it wants two more. Twitch?

PizzaJermaine- This has been on my mind lately with the Guildies we have lined up for release. I think it makes sense to expand on it.

Daily Dungeon. What do we have to look forward to? Any changes you can tell us about?

PizzaJohn- Changes are in our latest release (1.0.8) for this one. Daily Dungeon balance has lagged behind the increases in power end game users have seen. With the current patch not only is the difficulty going to scale faster but also it keeps getting harder until you WILL eventually die. Additionally you will be able to optionally skip ahead and start on a higher floor. For example a level 50 account can jump straight to floor 20 and for each boss skipped a random buff will be selected.

Follow up! In regards to PStones does a guildie’s ability needed to be tagged in order to benefit from a PStone? (e.g Gedran’s (Our lord and Savior) Shocking attack is described as Deal 3 burst of damage and stagger all enemies in a circle AoE but is only tagged as ! Will this ability gain increased Damage with a AoE Dmg PStone or does it require the tag before Pstone damage can be applied?)?

PizzaJermaine- Correct, if the ability doesn’t have the tag, it won’t be affected by that powerstone. I’ll definitely have to tag that ability as an AoE.

Any plans to bring back the recent wins?

PizzaShawn- This was cut as part of the campaign UI overhaul awhile back so it’s unlikely we would bring it back again. 

Will pets ever join us in battle? Clyde has his foxes and Sterling has her wolf. We need more pets?

PizzaJermaine- Yeah, we love the pets. As long as it makes sense for the Guildie, they’ll get a pet. As far as Pets in the Tavern Book, those are cosmetic only, but we have talked about having them give you a gameplay benefit, so possibly in the future.

Common, uncommon, rare, epic. Any plans for legendary? Based on things like Thor, Zues, or something else super crazy?

PizzaShawn- we have no plans to go beyond Epic for the foreseeable future; at least not until we have finished up with an Epic for every class at a minimum. We are always thinking of new types of guildies to build out and certainly have a few things in mind that start to push the boundaries a bit further out there. Not to mention our first Bard we just released!

Any plans to add events that have success modifiers based on guildies used. Aka: SailorGoon providers a 50% modifier, etc?

PizzaShawn- we have had Event achievements in the past that required you to have our use a certain guildie/faction/formation. We also have had guildie specific buffs for Daily Dungeon so it’s certainly something we will keep in mind. 

Has it been a challenge to come up with unique class and power stone board names? Do you guys wake up at 2am in a cold sweat furiously trying to remember that awesome name you just dreamt up? Or do you have a giant bank of them you’re excited to get through?

PizzaJermaine- lol no, I think we ran through that in a couple hours. I just look at the Guildies that use the same board, think about what kind of mastery or specializations you would see for that kind of class and run with it. For example the druids, Jenkins and Windsummer, DnD specializations are “circles of” .

Balance and Tuning Questions

How do metas factor into your balance and content creation related decision making? Is it something you embrace or something you try to avoid?

PizzaJermaine- They factor greatly into the content I build. If you guys ran the same specs all the time you’d get bored, and I’d suck at my job. I’ve got some plans for upcoming raids and PvP that’ll make you shift a bit.

Any future plans for Expedition Tokens…. for those of us that manage to cap out all the slots?

PizzaShawn- We plan to add to the max cap for Expedition slots so there is that, but beyond that we’ll need to model out some possible ideas for fully maxed out players. We have some ideas but we also want to look at the data and see how many players are actually fully capped on all their slots and upgrade levels.

Any future plans on an upgrade to 7 stars?

PizzaShawn- This would require some pretty major rework to the UI so for that alone it’s pretty unlikely. However like the Powerstone system there could be some potential add-on system that allows you to further powerup or customize your guildies in the future but it likely wouldn’t be 7 stars.

Game Analytics/Performance Questions

What is the most purchased bundle from the store?

PizzaJohn- Combined together the various versions of the starter pack outsell every other option by a good margin. Recently the premium Battle Pass has been a contender. 

Guildies Specific Questions

Will SailorGoon be getting the revamp she so desperately needs?

Will Clint be seeing some more tuning/love soon?

Will Clyde and Bonnie be the first guildies to form a dynamic duo… skills that chain off each other / stacking on each other like power rangers / etc?

PizzaJermaine- Goon will get her buff, hopefully within the next couple months.

Clint will get his buff when the timing is right, and L4 after that.

I like where your head is at here, also SweetBard is Clyde’s love, so we missed the boat on that, but I don’t know if you can tell. We’ve been experimenting with conditions for abilities to trigger, so I’d expect that in the not too distant future. 

Hello Pizza do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Gedran?

Excellent, in regards to his Electric Aura which is categorized as Casted and DoT would a Cast Damage Pstone increase the damage of the repetitive damage portion of this ability or only the initial hit?

PizzaJermaine- no soliciting.

Yeah, so if the ability doesn’t have the tag, the powerstone won’t affect it.

More Fun Questions

What is your favorite movie?

[SG] This question always stops me in my tracks, there was a time it was Shawshank Redemption, Goodfellas would also be in play, and probably The Usual Suspects. Those 90s movies were my jam.

[Benja] Been a looong time since I’ve thought about it. Used to be Empire Strikes Back. Nowadays…I think pretty much the entirety of the Star Wars universe (minus Ep 2 and 8).

[Jermaine] Barry Gordy’s The Last Dragon

“Catches bullets with his teeth!?”

What bug or fix cause the biggest headache around the office?

[Divo] For me personally it was the Worm Queen being stuck under the sand after one of her dig attacks. I spent days debugging it. 

[Jermaine] anything AI related, always super risky

Who is the biggest joker and who plays the most pranks?

[Benja] I can’t really think of any pranks that have been played… I’d say the biggest jokers are Divo, Dan, Todd, and myself.

[Divo] Me? I dont know what Ben is talking about, I was hired explicitly to make only serious comments in the Discord. My full job title is actually Software Engineer of Serious Comments. /nods sagely

What part of the game does the dev’s feel needs most of the work/rework?

[Divo] Social aspect of the game. There isn’t very much that links players together outside of the Alliance.

[Benja] Always Daily Dungeon. Though the most recent additions from John are huge leaps.

[Jermaine] agree with Ben, DD we can make so much better.

It’s been a little while, there’s been more than a few changes and lots of new stuff. What are your guys’ favorite characters? Have they changed or evolved at all since the introduction of things like the tavern book or Clyde?

[Benja] Still Longinous. I’m loyal.

[Jermaine] I’m a DimeYo fan, especially with the Tengu skin, so cool. If we get a muay thai character in, I’ll have to drop him.


Schedule and Roadmap Questions

Will there be a roadmap published for whole year 2022?

What can you share of the roadmap for content? Feb – ???/guildie; Mar – DSex/guildie; Apr – DailyDungeon/guildie, etc. Obviously high level but something we can look forward to!

PizzaShawn – Yes, sorry we’ve fallen a bit behind on the Road Ahead posts. It won’t cover the full year but will give a preview of the next several months. Check it out: Road Ahead March 2022 

As you can see we plan to release a new guildie with each update as well as some new Event, Challenges and Upgrade systems. More about the specific Event types and ideas are broken down in the answer group below about Event types. 

Can we get an advance calendar of events coming up for the next 3-6 months?

When is the next 2x drop event and when exactly can we expect them? 1 every 3 months?

PizzaShawn – We have been painting with wider strokes in terms of laying out a timeline for when events will be but have still been experimenting with the “what” and “who” of the Event types. As we start to find types that players really enjoy we’ll look to make those more of permanent repeating Events (like Scroll Open and Alliance Raid bonuses). We’ll be doing some voting around this in the community to make sure we’re focused on the types of content our players enjoy most while also mixing in some new ideas and types periodically to find a balance.

How many new guildies can we expect in the next few releases?

Do you want to get to a point where we see a new guildie per month? Or multiple new guildies in a month?

PizzaShawn – We definitely want to hit a new guildie each release and potentially grow that to multiple releases for some months. For the next few releases we want to continue to follow the Battle Pass Featuring and Rate Ups but will also be evaluating some other types of release mechanisms to see what players enjoy and engage with. 

Will there be events for Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving and such? I always looked forward to those updates?

PizzaShawn – Definitely. We have done themed larger Events for Halloween and Winter Fest each of the first two years of Raid Boss and hope to do many more! We’ve also done some smaller content for Lunar New Year, we also have the Raid Boss Anniversary which is coming up 4/3/2022! 

Any plans for player townhalls going forward?

PizzaShawn – I won’t say there are plans for it but it’s something we can keep an eye on doing. It’s typically better when we do this Ask A Pizza format or move to something like forum posts because it gives us time to prepare more detailed and specific answers. If we did something that was more town hall style it would mean we would be giving more general case answers more often. That’s not to say that we wouldn’t ever do a Town Hall format in the future.

Upcoming Event Roadmap

Alliance Raid Leaderboard Event (3/28 – 4/4)

Our first official Leaderboard style event will be around who can earn the most Alliance Raid Coins during this event. This will be the first opportunity to earn the brand new Event reward “Lucky Roll” currency (more on that below).

Players Choice Event Late April

As part of our Anniversary month we’re letting the Community decide the Event type and some unique new rewards!

Lucky Roll Event Prize

“Lucky Roll” Reward Currency

You can start earning this new reward item beginning with the Alliance Raid Leaderboard Event and in other select Events and game rewards to come.  You can turn these into the dedicated Event shops for rare rewards including Class Specific Recruit Scrolls and Targeted T1 and T2 Class Rare Items! (T1 Store unlocks at Player Level 70, T2 Store unlocks at Player Level 90). If the RNG Gods aren’t with you in the other Item Shops, come select the precise piece you need!

April Event Schedule

Battle Pass Season 3 (4/4 – 5/2)

Unlock Momo200 and earn some awesome rewards along the way (including the new Lucky Roll currency).  We’ve added more Uncommon and Rare quests to the pool for this version to make it even easier to hit level 50!

Scroll Open Event (4/18 – 4/25)

Earn rewards while you open scrolls (including the Momo200 Rate Up scrolls). This is using the more popular Daily Open rewards structure as well to earn more Raid materials!

Anniversary Event (early-mid April)

We’re finalizing some of the details around this one but expect some great rewards and deals as we celebrate our 2nd anniversary as a live product!

Player Choice Event (late April)

(see note above)

Random Close

Schwarzenegger voice Who is your daddy and what does he do?

[Shawn] It’s not a too-mer!!

Your pizza is allowed to only have 1 topping, what is? You fail if you choose pineapple… Why would you waste 1 topping on pineapple 🤦‍♂️?

[Benja] Pepperoni. Can the pepperoni have other toppings in it?

[Jermaine] Hot sauce

[John] Pineapple

When do the p&p rules for raid boss release?

[SG] TIL what P&P is, you can too: (I don’t think anybody else on the team, at least that answered these questions, knew either).

[John] I’m late but P&P probably stands for Pen and Paper which is often used as shorthand for pen and paper roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons. The idea of a raid boss inspired design is an interesting one but I’m not sure how well the systems would convert over to tabletop, it would be an interesting challenge to make one for sure!

Who is your favorite mod? And why is it Stormblessed?

[SG] I’m going to be a Trogburn fan for all my days with Pizza Club.The amount of stuff Trog does for us is amazing. There are days where his involvement and the enthusiasm for the project give me that extra lift to get one more feature or task in. He’s an amazing mix of Moderator/Tester/Gamer/Awesome person.

Having said that, appreciate all our Mods past and present and the fine folks that help test and give feedback on pre-release content.

[Benja] That Thomas the Tank Engine mod for Skyrim, hands down.

[Divo] Trogburn, cus he watched me stream that one time. <3

PizzaShawn- Thanks again to all of you that contributed to the questions or voted for your favorites. Please take a few minutes to answer this short player survey and (optionally) enter to win a Gem prize in game.


March 2022 Player Survey:


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