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Hey Pizzas!

I’ve been on the team since February and this has been arguably the most impressive update we’ve done since then in my eyes. There’s so much to cover here a single blog won’t really do it justice but if things hold to schedule we’ll be releasing this early next week so you won’t have to wait too long to see it all yourselves!





Our second epic guildie is here along with a new campaign to unlock him!  Both ClintTheMan and QueenOfDiamonds are moving to a new dedicated Campaign section for Epic Characters!

One major thing to note: Use up your Queen of Diamonds currency before the update (planned for Monday),  The Epic Character unlock system is getting a rework and the older QoD currency will no longer be used.  As an added bonus, players that have already completed the QoD event will be able to earn even more shards by replaying the new QoD campaign!


This has been a big quality of life improvement we’ve wanted to get to for awhile.  Instead of having to repeat the same weapon quest each time you need a specific tier piece, you can now beat a tier specific mission ONE TIME for each class.  You will still need the crafting materials and campaign energy to farm the mission but say goodbye to manually replaying the same mission a bunch of times!


It was a real joy to see the talented team of devs pulling this one together throughout the release.  There was a ton of work that went into Roster Screen and the linking of characters and items throughout the game!  Check out the grid view below!!!


In addition to our new Epic character, the art team has been busy updating some of our world art and bosses.  This release the Forest worlds and the Treant Boss got the most love.

Why don’t you make like a tree… and get outta here!!


From this release forward we’re going to try and maintain a more consistent schedule of Events and start getting ahead so we can share more of what’s coming.  This month we’ve got a bunch of new Events so please check them out and let us know which are your favorites!


These are all the events planned for the next release, the first being two events running at launch to celebrate Clint The Man!

Clint The Man Login Calendar

  • Standard update calendar with rewards each day for logging in. The login calendar runs 7/26-8/8 so you have 14 days to claim the 10 days worth of rewards! 

Clint The Man Launch Event

  • Complete a number of achievements to earn Coins, Gems and shards using DPS Ranged characters and Goofballs! 7/27-8/8.

Scroll Open Event

  • Earn some of our best rewards yet including Expedition Tokens, T4 and T5 Materials by opening scrolls (including your free scrolls) 7/27-8/3.

Double Drop Campaign

  • We’ll be running a double drop week for the Powerstone Campaign 8/2 – 8/8.
  • Each victory (or farm) will give an extra loot role during the event!

Alliance Coin Rush

  • We’ll run a weekend event 8/5-8/9 where every Alliance Raid node victory will reward coins and extra Alliance Coins.

Red Materials Energy Event

  • Use campaign energies to earn Event Coins.  Use those coins to purchase Red Materials and Coins in a new Event store  8/10-8/17.  

There’s more coming so keep an eye out on the blog and out social media posts!



We hear the feedback that the gold pinch later in the game is rough and we’ve got some a few items to address that.  The first being more ways to earn gold (like the events mentioned above) but we also had a big tuning change… 

Dan and Lisa are Slashing Prices!

Gold cost of training XP is being halved this release!  While a bunch of us were in a feature review meeting talking about the high gold costs, Lisa and Dan made the call and checked it in while we were still in the meeting.  So life moves fast here at Pizza Club haha.

100K Celebration Profile Image

Finally, we sent out an in game mail today with an exclusive profile image to celebrate Raid Boss hitting 100,000 installs (which we did technically way earlier in July).  Login and claim this exclusive in game profile image and 100,000 coins.


Thanks for playing Raid Boss and come check out the new release next week!

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