Upcoming Events in September

We’ve got some big Events launching in September, first up is our Android Worldwide Launch celebration starting this evening at Server Reset (Midnight GMT / 5pm Pacific time).
September Event Schedule
Android Worldwide Launch Event
Runs 9/7 – 9/14
We’re bringing back a Community Contribution Event to celebrate this major milestone for Raid Boss! Earn Festival Spirit as you complete a set of one time achievements. 

The entire community unlocks major rewards by contributing their Festival Spirit during the event.  Additionally, Festival Coins are earned for every contribution which can be used to purchase Crafting Items, Materials and Scrolls! Earn an exclusive Android launch themed Player Profile icon!


Garbage Deeps Vault Clearing Event
Garbage Deeps Vault Clearing Event

Runs 9/16 – 9/24

This is a brand new event type with some great prizes. Complete dailies and one time achievements to earn claim tickets for a set of 20 prizes in the Event store. Every player has the same 20 prizes available but the location in the Event Shop is randomized for each player. Every loot box you open gives you a Ticket Stub that can be redeemed for up to 2 grand prizes!

Prizes In The Vault:
  • 7,500 Gems
  • 250 Expedition Tokens
  • 1 bundle of 6 Red Class Materials
  • Set of 45 T2 Fuse Materials
  • Set of 15 T2 Fuse Materials
  • 3 Scrolls
  • 2 Scrolls
  • 1 Scroll
  • Guaranteed Gear Piece (Head, Chest or Legs) Tier 1-10
  • Guaranteed Gear Piece (Head, Chest or Legs) Tier 1-13
  • 350K Training XP
  • 150K Training XP
  • 25K Training XP
  • 500K Coins
  • 275K Coins
  • 30K Coins
  • Bundle of 900 Energy (300 each for Story/Raid/Powerstones)
  • 3x Garbage Deeps shard (non Unlock)
Alliance Raid Coin and Training XP Event

Runs 9/30 – 10/4

The next iteration of this popular event will also include Training XP for each Alliance Node victory (in addition to the normal Coin and Alliance Coin boost). 

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