Joining the Pizza Club

Pizza Club Games is seeking talented game developers to join our pizza…er…team! We’re a scrappy, collaborative studio that takes pride in putting quality mobile games into players’ hands, and we believe diverse teams make better games. The ideal candidates are self-motivated, goal-oriented, and able to pivot between many different tasks in the wild and wonderful world of indie game development. As a distributed studio, we welcome candidates from all locations and backgrounds. We love wearing multiple hats and want to share those hats with you!

Care to learn more about us? Head on over and read about The Whole Pie.

How to Apply

Send an email to with the subject line ‘[Replace with Job Title]: [Replace with Your Name]’ and include attachments with relevant documentation (e.g. resume, portfolios).

Our 3D Artist will be able to model, texture and light beautiful and compelling environments.  The candidate should be able to work to an established art style, and improve existing environments, props, and lighting to match.  The ideal candidate will be able to assist in further 3D art-related tasks as needed; including characters, bosses, enemies and more.

  • Improve and replace existing environments with high quality art that matches the established style
  • Thoughtfully place props, lights, and effects to bring environments to life without causing performance issues or over-cluttering
  • Assist the art team with additional 3D art tasks as needed (not related to environments)
  • Experience in building high quality art for mobile games
  • Experience in Maya and Photoshop
  • Experience in building art for Unity
  • 3+ years working as a 3D Artist in mobile games
  • Comfortable taking existing game art assets, and elevating them to a higher visual bar
  • Able to efficiently create high-quality art matching the style set by the Art Director
  • Has a great eye for knowing what pieces need the most tweaking/improvements with minimal production time 
  • Desire to wear many artistic hats, and willing to fulfill other art development needs as they arise