Building Worlds

It’s fitting that after all these years, I’ve come full circle back to level design.

My career started at a studio called Idol Minds in Colorado where I was part of an entry-level level design (lol so many levels) team tasked with creating all the spaces the player would experience. Sadly that game, Warrior’s Lair (formerly RUIN, look it up), never saw the light of day.

From there I got a job doing almost the exact same thing by building levels for Marvel Heroes at Gazillion. That game happily made it’s way into the hands of loving fans!

Anyhow, I’ve taken a break from building powers/combat tuning and I’ve been working on the environment pass for Raid Boss now for a few weeks. Tons of cleanup, making sure things are aligned to the grid, and finding the right props and where to place them.

A Blank Sector

That’s all for now, Pizzas. We’re rapidly approaching Early Access for Android and there is still a monster-sized amount of work to complete.


Stay garlic sauce with Canadian bacon and mmmm just wow.


    1. Benjamin Gross

      You’re quite welcome, Pizza! We’re currently working on upgrading Guild Member ability upgrades and gearing up for the next feature. Could be Alliances (player groups), PvP, or a second pass on Daily Dungeon.

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