Shelter-in-Place? Not a problem for Pizza Club!

What up, Pizza People? No that’s not it. Pizza Bags! No…it’ll come to me.

So we’ve been under state-mandated shelter-in-place orders for a bit now. Luckily for us, that hasn’t really slowed us down! Being able to pull down the repo and builds at home is all it takes to keep that working.

Also, with tools like Discord, we’ve had fairly low disruption to production. Hunnicutt even created a voice channel that we sit in (muted) in case anyone needs to chat real time about something. It’s definitely a shift, though, namely in that we can’t just turn to the side and bother each other when we need help or feedback. Typing that up takes a bit more effort and all that.

Oh look. Just me all by myself. Typical.

Anyhow, we are very close to Early Access on Android. In fact, we’ve been buttoning down the last few changes to get that build up and out. I waffle back and forth between abject terror and jubilant excitement at any given point considering we’re actually going to be launching this thing. Keep a sharp eye out for an announcement soon. 😉

Can’t wait for the world to start taking — PIZZA CLUBBERS. That was it. Knew it would come back to me. — a crack at those Raids!

Stay prosciutto mushrooms.

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