Meet the Devs: PizzaJermaine

Happy Monday, pizzas! I hope you had a great weekend.

The Pizza Club is growing fast, and while we remain super lean, we’ve got some great new people to show off. This week, our new Game Designer Jermaine has a little bit about himself so you can get to know him.

Question: How did you end up getting into game development?

Jermaine: It was pretty much always the plan, I went to Art Institute for their Game Art & Design program, and when I graduated I started out in QA at Neversoft on Guitar Hero: World Tour. I always knew that design was the goal, so I made sure to continue to read design articles, make prototypes that barely anyone saw, and eventually I got a shot. I hit the 3 and never looked back.

Question: When did you start working on mobile games?

Jermaine: My previous company started working on mobile games in around 2013/14 as it was kind of like a gold rush era, so the company made the transition and I with it.

Question: What is your all-time favorite mobile game?

Jermaine: Besides Raid Boss? I would have to say it’s a toss up between Pacific Rim Breach Wars (that’s my live ops baby), Black Desert Mobile, Marvel Puzzle Quest and Spymaster.

Question: What is your all-time favorite video game (non-mobile)?

Jermaine: Hands down Power Stone 2, it takes 3 people to beat me in that game.

Question: What is the next thing you’re most looking forward to for Raid Boss?

Jermaine: I’m most excited about helping to grow this game into something great, and cultivate an overall experience that players will remember for a long time.

Short and sweet. Always liked a certain amount of succinctness in a person! Thanks Jermaine!

Until next week. Stay cheesy, pepperoni!

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