So what is Raid Boss?

Bear with me, I’m not much of a blogger. A blogman? A bloggonaut. Nailed it.

So what is Raid Boss, I hear you ask? I didn’t really hear you ask that. Stop freaking out I’m not in the room with you. Raid Boss is a free-to-play mobile character collector that’s inspired by our team’s years of experience playing traditional MMOs.

When the original Pizza Clubbers (I joined the club late, much to the joy and wild applause of all) started this venture, they decided they could bring something unique to players that hearkened back to the intense and dramatic action of taking down a huge boss with huge groups. In Raid Boss, you take the part of a leader of a brand new guild set in a fictional fantasy world. Unlike most character collectors, your characters are fictional players of the MMO that you’ll need to recruit into your guild (we call them Guild Members). They have their own unique personalities, and the avatars they play in game are equipped with wildly varied and powerful ability kits.

The true crux of the game, though, is how you build your squads. Yep. Plural. More on that in just a bit. Each squad can consist of up to five Guild Members. You may choose to bring a tank, a healer, and a few dps to make a well-rounded squad. Or maybe you want a bit more damage, so you forego the healer or tank? Big slow enemies? Bring five ranged Guild Members. Any and all combinations of our six (current) classes can be brought together and it’s up to you to find what works best for any given dungeon.

Let’s go a bit deeper, though. For Raid Bosses themselves, you’ll need more than just one squad. Controlling each squad independently, you’ll be able to bring multiple squads of Guild Members into battle. But that’s insanity, I hear you exclaim…I think…I don’t really know since I’m not in the room with you…still. Let’s talk about control.

Pardon the placeholder UI! We're (ahem...well Lisa is at least) hard at work getting everything cleaned up and presentable. πŸ˜‰

In Raid Boss, controlling your squads is easy. Since Guild Members are controlled by their (fictional, they’re not real people, don’t tell them) own brain, they’ll make their way through the world on their own. They stick together in their squad and work together, but when you tell them to do things, they do it! It’s as simple as tapping to move, dragging and holding to hold them in place, or dragging and dropping their Leader’s Super Ability to watch the mobs melt.

It's hard to tell, but moving that squad was as simple as tapping on them and telling them where I wanted them. Oh and time slows down for you during this period. You're welcome.

Oh right, Super Abilities, guess I should mention those.

Each squad has a designated Leader. The Leader gets to use their personal Super Ability, much to the jealousy and chagrin of their fellow Guild Members, I bet. Big explosions, numerous debuffs, chunky healing, dome shields…they’ve got them all.

There is waaaaay more to talk about for the game, but for now, I’m off. Can’t wait to show you more soon!

Stay cheesy pepperoni.


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