Alpha Update

Yo what up my Raid Bossers! Raid Bosslets? Pizza Clubbers? 


 Just wanted to give a quick update.

We’re currently running our second closed playtest (This one is our legit Alpha, the last one was our…I dunno…pre-Alpha? I wasn’t actually on board yet, but I participated and immediately KNEW there was something good there and all but DEMANDED to be a part of it lol jk they begged me to join there were tears and everything.) and the progress between them has been tremendous.

We’re really quite proud of the difference. We’ve gone from:

  • Playable Guild Members: 17 —> 36
  • Campaign Worlds: 3 —> 6
  • WIP UI —> 90% UI reskinned
  • 450mb+ binary downloads —> 42mb w/CDN

For our four person team, that’s a TON of progress. And we’re still going.


I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of our Alpha Playtesters. The feedback you’re all giving us means the world to us. We quite literally could not do this without you. We take all of the joy and pain (lots of pain) you’ve experienced and told about so far and we wrap it into all kinds of solutions to make Raid Boss better.

A’ight I’m done. Stay meaty mozzarella.


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