Boss Feature! Get to Know Treant.

Afternoon, dear Pizzas.

Figured it was time to give one of our Raid Bosses a round in the spotlight. Meet Treant. It’s a big boi. Loves being a tree. Hates Guild Members with or without swords.

You’ll want to watch out for his attacks. I mean that’s obvious enough. Big Line will send a whole bunch of wind your way and it will not feel good.

Pro-tip: When a big tree summons big roots that start shooting green magic at it…do something about it.

These roots will continually heal Treant while they’re up. He’ll stop attacking, but if you don’t take the roots down, eventually they’ll grow bigger and increase their healing. If Treant makes it back to 100% HP…well…just watch:

If Treant hit’s 100% HP from the Root Heal or if you take too long to bring it down (3 minutes), then it enters its Enrage form. During this form, it gets a huge stat boost and spams its Big Line attack with very little time to escape the damage zone. Best not let it get to this point…

Hope you enjoyed meeting Treant! You can say hello to it yourself if you’re on Android!

Stay cheesy pepperoni.

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