Game Feature Poll!

Well hello there, Pizza! How was your week? Ours was quite cheesy, thank you for asking.

But hey. I actually need your help. As you know (or maybe you didn’t I dunno), we’ve been gearing up for our next big game feature! “But how can I help with that?!” I hear you loudly scream from your perfectly warmed pizza ovens. Well let me tell you!

We’ve set up a Google Poll where you can vote on the next big feature you’d like to see implemented into the game!

We’ve got three options:

  1. Alliances – Join up with other players and collaborate on taking down tough raid bosses!
  2. Daily Dungeon 2.0 – A true rogue-like experience with randomized buffs and debuffs as you progress deeper!
  3. PvP – Take your best team head to head against other players on a ranked leaderboard!
Thanks very much, Pizzas. And stay cheesy pepperoni.

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