Community Spotlight #1

Hey Pizzarinos! The first month of Early Access has blown by and it has been great! The best part by far though is the amazing community of players that have made Raid Boss amazing already! I wanted to highlight 2 very special members of the community who deserve a special thanks. If you see these folks in the game or Discord, let ’em know how awesome they are!!


Favorite Character: Roe3

Darkbelo is a Raid Boss god. He helps everyone in the community, he has authored the first and most viewed character tier list, is always active in Discord and game chat, and comes up with the most elite strategy to top the Daily Dungeon leaderboard. Also, whenever I see Roe3, I now just immediately assume that is Darkbelo. Thanks Darkbelo!!

EndlessClockwork a.k.a Vesper

Favorite Character: Akatsuki

People may not be as familiar with that name but that is for a very good reason. He couldn’t even play the game for weeks due to a loading issue! So without ever seeing the game, day after day he kept coming back and helping me debug the problem. I would give him special debug versions of the game to test and he would happily try them out–usually with no different result. He even hooked his phone up to his laptop and sent us the system logs! Then, finally, a miracle. We fixed it!! And all this time he stuck around without ever even seeing the game. That is truly amazing and will hopefully help tons of players like him. Thank you Vesper!

We already have such an awesome group of players and I can’t wait to see where we go next! Until next time, stay cheesy!!


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