Feature Poll Results

Good day to you, pizzas. I hope you’re baking evenly.

We just finished our first community poll and the winner is…Alliances! You all responded and so we’ve started working hard on that feature.

*Pizza not to scale.

Just a little about the Alliances feature:

  • Alliance Chat
  • Alliance Raids
    • Large maps with Dungeons and Raids linked in paths.
    • Must collaborate with Alliance members to progress through the map.
  • Alliance Currency
    • Will be able to spend this on various things in a new Store.
  • Alliance Gift Packs
    • Buying these will grant you with goods as well as shares some with your Alliance members.
We have more planned, as well, but those will come through on a future update after Alliances 1.0 launches.

Not only that, but we’ve launched a fairly big patch for you! Check out the full list here:


Stay tuned for more to come. Stay cheesy pepperoni, too.

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