New Guildie! KingOfGames Arrives to Raid Boss

Hey there, pizzas! It’s a major milestone for Pizza Club and Raid Boss. We’ve launched our very first event surrounding our very first launch of a new Guild Member! I won’t lie, it’s both scary and awesome getting to this point. We’re still very much a tiny little team of game devs that just want to make the best possible game.

Anyhow, on to the main event! KingOfGames has joined Raid Boss and has added himself to the ranks of the Fashionistas faction. He’s a hard-hitting, somewhat arrogant, but all-about-winning summoner. Dragons are his game and he’ll use them to make sure he’s the best Guildie in the game.

Not only that, but as I mentioned above, we’ve designed our very first in-game event to run alongside KingOfGames’ launch. During the event you can earn different types of Cards (a new, temporary currency) and exchange them for all kinds of different things in our new Event Store. KingOfGames shard packs and Coin packs (hopefully this will help the major Coin pinch in the game while we stand up the more permanent ways of earning them), to just name a couple.

Thanks again to all of our Early Access players. You’re constantly giving us great feedback and pushing us to improve the game. We would be totally lost without you! I adore seeing the great fan art (here, here, and here), the awesome suggestions for new or improved content, and the brilliant strategy discussions happening on Discord.

Stay cheesy pepperoni! I cannot wait to get more fun into Raid Boss and see what you all think.

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