Coins! COINS! Coins? Coins.

Hey pizzas. It’s me, PizzaBenjamin, here. From Discord and from making Raid Boss. Apologies for the blog silence recently! I’ve been neglecting it due to Raid Boss work and need to get back into posting.

Anyhow, so you know how Coins are a thing and right now it’s really hard to earn them? We’ve got a new build for you that should help. We designed two different (but somewhat similar) Coin Challenges.

The first is a daily Coin Challenge that sits alongside the current DPS, Tank, and Healer ones. This is an all-out auto-battle where your entire Guild roster is brought in to fight. They’ll encounter a large Mimic Chest and each time they defeat it they’ll get Coins! That’s not all, though. Each defeated Mimic will spawn a new, harder Mimic in its place. Think of this as a test of your entire Guild. The better all your Guildies are, the farther they’ll progress and the more Coins they’ll earn.

The second is a repeating Coin Event that focuses on specific Factions. Each time a Coin Event starts, you’ll be given 48 hours (one attempt each day, two total attempts) to earn Coins. The Event is similar to the daily Coin Challenge in that you’ll face off against Mimic Chests that get harder and harder as you go. The differences start here, though. For one, you’ll be able to designate two or three five-Guildie squads per normal combat. Additionally, if you put enough of the designated Factions onto a single Squad (three Fashionistas on one squad, for instance) you’ll get a new Formation bonus that grants a power boost to the whole Squad. Battle continues as a normal combat giving you complete control to avoid dangerous attacks, kill extra Mini Mimics for more Coins, etc.

We’re really excited to get this into your hands and hope that you enjoy the new Coin sources! As always, please drop by our Discord and let us know if you have any feedback, suggestions, or find any bugs.

Stay cheesy pepperoni!

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