Alliances Have Arrived!

Hey good pizzas! Been quite awhile since my last update. Apologies for that! We’ve been completely heads down getting Alliances ready for the game. Good news is…IT’S HERE!

I's the best Alliance already.
Not sure who let PizzaDan in. Will probably kick.

Alliances will let you join up with up to 30 total players with some fresh new ways to play the game. You’ll have access to your own Alliance-only chat, a new Alliance Store along with Alliance-specific currency, and of course…big bad Alliance Raids.

Alliance Raids take the form of large node-based maps strung together such that you’ll need to strategize as a group to determine the best path forward to the final Raid Boss. We’re launching with four difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme) which grow in power and how restrictive the nodes become.

The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards.
Look at those nasty Raid Bosses. Ready to take them down?

There are two different types of nodes: Dungeon and Raid Boss. For Dungeon Nodes, each Completion Star earned by any of member of the Alliance will contribute to the total required to complete the node. If it requires six Completion Stars, and two Alliance members both get a three-star victory, then that’s enough to clear it! For Raid Boss nodes, the Raid Boss just needs to be defeated to progress. This will require some major effort though, as the Raid Bosses all have their EX abilities and massive HP pools. Damage persists between battles, so the entire Alliance will be able to contribute.

Once the Final Raid Boss has been defeated, the Alliance Raid is completed! Scoring is calculated in two passes. First, the number of total completed nodes (both Dungeon and Raid Boss) are tallied. This determines the prize tier that the entire Alliance will receive. Second, based on your personal performance of how many total Completion Stars you earned, all Alliance Members will be ranked against each other. Your placement determines how much of the loot you’ll receive from the prize tier.

We’ve been working hard on this one and we can’t wait to see what you think!

Stay cheesy pepperoni.

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