Raid Boss One Year Anniversary

Raid Boss One Year Anniversary!!

Raid Boss passed a major milestone over the weekend, one year as a live product on Google Play (4/3/2020 was the first day the game was available).  There is an event running this week to celebrate in game as well but we wanted to take a little time here to look back at the first year of Raid Boss.

Pre-Alpha Images

Lisa was cleaning out some older drives recently and came across some very early images of the game from the Pre-Alpha versions of the game.  A lot of the key systems have been in place for a long time!

Raid Boss Pre Alpha Image "Fight Epic Raid Bosses"

What has the past year been like since launching Raid Boss?

I got a chance to sync up with some of the founders to discuss what’s it been like in year one of Raid Boss being a live product.  Here are some of the responses:

Dan: This time a year ago I was super excited when we got 5 new players a day trying out Raid Boss. Today, we have hundreds of people a week taking on the Orc Boss for the first time. While we are still a small game and community, I am so humbled when so many players check us out and support the community! I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

Ben: (original reply was just this image in our work chat)

1st Year In an Image

Ben: Working on Raid Boss for the last year has been the most challenging and fulfilling process of my career. I’m continuously encouraged by the passion and support we get from our fledgeling player base after each and every release. On a more practical front, I think seeing Daily Dungeon 2.0 hit the wild has been incredibly satisfying. It was the last piece of original feature tech that we wanted to update and had been on our list since before we launched Early Access!

I wouldn’t trade this adventure for anything. Except maybe life-time free pizza. But probably not even that. I dunno. What was the question?

Todd: What a year it’s been! What started out as 3 friends coming together to make a game quickly turned into 4, and then 12! Even more mind boggling to me is seeing the wonderful community that has sprouted up around our game! People from all over coming together in the forums talking strategy, creating AMAZING fan art, even talking all things pizza! In a year of crazy not always positive change, it was wonderful for me to see strangers coming together and having a good time over something four friends (now 12 friends) created :blush:

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